Magic Shows

I am a proud native beachboy and professional magic entertainer.  I work hard to keep my audiences engaged–and laughing–throughout the entire performance.

“We had a great time last night! We will definitely have to come to another show!”
~Amy P.

“We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed your show!”
~Tarisa L.


  • Corporate Magic
  • Shag Clubs
  • Beach Music Events
  • College/School Events
  • Town Festivals
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Churches
  • Adult Parties
  • Wineries 
  • …anywhere a fun, funny, and mind-boggling magical time is needed!
The "Beachboy" Magician


I am not a specialized “kid’s performer” but I am always able to add some “kid” tricks into any show, except “Choices,” when I knows they will be in attendance.  Please be sure to mention this to me in advance.    

“Boardwalk Blast”: Full of fun and funny! 

In Boardwalk Blast, my largest show, I take you on a humorous and magical journey back to my coastal Carolina home where ocean breezes, sunny skies, and beautiful sand serve as the backdrop for this memorable experience. The show is perfect for those desiring comedy and sleight-of-hand illusions by a proven professional.  In Boardwalk Blast, I combine my unique stand-up comedy with a series of illusions meant to delight and amaze.  Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for audience volunteers and that gives them a chance to “ham it up” and “become the stars.”  What’s more, I believe that my greatest performing gift is connecting with my audience in a way that draws them in and has them laughing and volunteering during the whole show. This truly is illusion fun at its best…all with a powerful message at its conclusion you won’t forget.  And don’t worry…there are plenty of picture moments in this one. (No videoing allowed.)

Boardwalk Blast is perfect for groups of any size.  

It isn’t just a performance…It’s a party!

*I want to personally thank (one of Carolina Beach Music’s oldest and most popular bands) for the permission to use some of their music in this show.

“Fly By” Magic: A show and go performance 

In this amazing show, I entertain my audiences with interactive comedy magic and use nothing except my sense of humor, volunteer participants, and the items in my coat pockets.  There are still plenty of laughs and amazing “magic’ tricks…but this show requires NO set-up…NO equipment…NO extras.  It truly is a walk in and go show built on years of performance experience.  But don’t worry, you will receive an exciting show packed with plenty of fun.  Sit back and be amazed at how much entertainment can be done without any extra props…when performed by a seasoned pro.  

“Fly By” plays best for audiences of 50 people or less but can play to any size if needed.  It is also recommended for audiences of age 12 and up.  This one is perfect for any gathering including birthdays, corporate break-outs, staff meetings, school groups, church groups, etc. 

“Choices”: They Really Do Matter. (A closeup experience you won’t soon forget. It can be performed seated or standing depending on which is best for the given venue and group.)

Choices is a truly magical experience. In the time you are wit me, we will explore the dramatic tension between human’s free will and the pre-destined fate that possibly awaits.  Yes, it is more cerebral than my other shows, but rest assured there are still laughs to be had.  If it wasn’t fun…I wouldn’t do it.   In this extremely interactive program, I ask my guests to make critical choices.  Will those choices impact the endings?   Were they really free choices?  Just a couple of questions (among many) that will be posed and illustrated in this mind-boggling show.  The word most spoken after this one is:  “How?” 

Choices is meant for more intimate group settings where my guests and I can relax and just have some fun without rushing.  I love taking the time to talk, interact on a personal level, and involve volunteers in critical decisions all along the way.  

Is fate calling?  You decide!    Don’t miss it! 

Closeup Magic

Although most of my performing time and energy are spent doing shows, I am still a talented closeup performer.  With my love for Carolina Beach Music and Shag dancing, and my being raised on the beach, ,my wife and I can often be seen at beach music/shag events where I am doing sleight-of-hand miracles before bands hit the stage or during the breaks.  I love having that close, but COVID safe, interaction with folks.  If you are a town, nightclub, or venue who offers concerts, you really should think about adding me to the fun.   

So, with all that I offer my clients…why would you settle?

Give me a chance to help you reach AND entertain your people.

Contact me today!!!  


“He is the best Master of Mystery! “
~Jack T.


I am very thankful for these and many more kind words about my shows:

“People are still talking about your magic!!” ~Leslie C,

“Hey Keith! Thanks so much for coming; I think you were a big hit! Stay magical my friend!”~Dan

“Thank you so much for working our Fall Carnival on Saturday and for doing the Magic Show!  Both the kids and adults really enjoyed your show!” ~Cristy Busler, Athletic/Special Events Supervisor, Cramerton Parks and Recreation

“The truly spectacular presentation of Keith Brown’s spin on reality is enchanting and indeed awe inspiring. His unique creativity captivates audiences of all age groups. Everyone’s wildest imagination is stimulated by Keith’s extra ordinary originality.” ~W. M. Sasnett, Owner, Paragon Tile Company

“We had a great time last night! We will definitely have to come to another show!”~ Amy Dean Palmer

“Keith – very enjoyable show!” Kevin Rusche

“We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed your show!” Tarisa L.

“You are very talented!” Carrie W.

“…he did an outstanding job…It was a pleasure working with him during the entire process.” Cam M.

“He is the best Master of Mystery! ” Jack T.

“Great show.”Andrew P.

“The thing I like best about Keith is his humble spirit…” Kevin D.

“Keith conducted himself very professionally.” Tim H.

“He’s entertaining and educational, not an easy combination. He’s also very flexible and easy to work with in the design and presentation of his programs.” Bob G.