Misfit Bible Circle

Rolling Out in Early 2022!!!

Are you a fellow Christian “Misfit” who loves God and desperately wants to learn the lessons of Scripture in a comfortable and welcoming environment?

If so, you are one of my people and I invite you to join this private monthly membership for learning, application, and support.

Do you feel this way?

We AREN’T truly “Misfits.”

I know that we aren’t truly “Misfits” in that God loves us just as we are, but I tend to attract those that have struggled to fit in, be accepted for who they are, and for those who are brave enough to think and question what they hear.

These folks might include but not limited to:

  • Divorced Folks (Single or Remarried)
  • Those that are Tattooed
  • Those that have Unique dress style
  • Those that have Unique hair colors
  • Those that identify as LGBTQ+
  • Those that question traditional, and often legalistic, teaching

My Heartache

One of my heartaches (and focus) is the number of poor interpretations and teachings of Scripture. I will say that most of this is unintentional but it is still wrong. What’s more, some of these mistaken interpretations have been used in a way that has brought great pain and suffering to other believers. That breaks my heart.

Yes, we are flawed human beings with “stuff” in and about us that can cloudy the waters of proper interpretation. I get that. But, that still doesn’t give excuse for the lack of effort to get to the true meaning of text within its original context.

  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes effort.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes time.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes good method.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes an open heart.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes humbleness.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes desire.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes a genuine love of God.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text takes a desire to better grow in God.
  • Proper understanding of Biblical text requires a dependence on God.

So…is that you?

You don’t have to be “perfect.” None of us are.

You just have to have a desire to grow as a person and a child of God.

Misfit Bible Circle

This private membership circle is open to fellow students of God’s Word who want to meet and learn from the Scriptures.

But, Keith…Why would I want to be part of this circle?

Good question. The answer is simple. This is a safe and supportive place to get interactive teaching and application where you will not only be seen….you will be valued and celebrated…all from the comfort of your residence or wherever you choose to participate.

Okay, so what does this membership get me?

  • Live Classes (Each Tuesday evening at 8pm EST, we will have a interactive, live Zoom class where I teach a text that you are given a week in advance to read, study and pray over for yourself.)
  • Recorded Material (Each Zoom class with be recorded and available to members on-demand.)
  • Membership into a private Facebook group (There you will get to ask questions, get advise, gain encouragement and fellowship with other fellow “Misfits.” You will also find previous studies in case you missed the live.)
  • 20% Percent Discount (Every member of the Circle will be eligible for this discount on either a Power Hour Coaching or a Power Hour Coaching Package while they are an active and paid member of the group.)

Okay, Keith…sounds good…

But how much does this cost?

The cost is only $17 per month!

Keith…why do you charge for this Christian help?

Good question! Let me answer.

I charge for two main reasons:

  • People who put money behind their effort prove to be more successful and committed to the program.
  • My Teaching and Coaching is a business and, in all honesty, that it is how I make my living. I feel that my education, time, and effort deserves fair and honest compensation.


Are you ready to join us?