My Story

I am Keith, a native Carolina “beachboy,” (and yes, I know boy is a stretch)  Speaker, Teacher, Podcaster, Content Creator, Theologian/Apologist, Author, Entertainer, Businessman, photographer, husband, and father, and more.

With over 30 years experience speaking and/or entertaining and over 40 years working in the business/education worlds (being self-employed as well), I have learned through my successes and my failures.

After all, I truly earned all these grey hairs.

I now take all that I have experienced, all that I have witnessed, all that I have learned in my many years of formal education and training, as well all my creativity…bring it all together…to create teaching that I believe will bless your life.

I have taught corporate executives, church members and leaders around the country, and middle school, high school, and college students through a variety of my self-created courses.  I have spoken to audiences both large and small with the ever present hope of transformation and success.  

I have authored and published several works of non-fiction on personal growth and achievement, and I have authored and published several works of fiction just for escape and pleasure.

I have had the pure joy of mentoring hundreds of individuals over the past 30 plus years with compassion and confidentiality.  

Finally, I have had the pleasure of entertaining audiences of every age and in just about every venue type there is. I have opened and performed for celebrities, performed for 2000 NASCAR folks, and even performed for the United States Military.  I have even been a show consultant for other magicians around the world.

So…as you can see…I have done a lot. Why? Because I never allowed “can’t” to stop me. That’s not to say I haven’t made mistakes, failed at certain things, and wish I had done some things differently. I have!!! But through it all, I was never afraid to TRY!

That’s what I want for YOU!!!

I believe myself to be a caring, kind, informative, and even entertaining teacher. I am also a man of Christian faith. 

Each day I awaken with the knowledge that there is more growth to come and there are people for me to help.

I hope you are one of those people. If so…I look forward to taking this journey with you.