The Search for Faith as a LGBTQ Christian: an Interview with Matt Linden

I am so excited to share this interview I did with Matt Linden.  You will really hear the heart of this young man as he shares a little about his life struggle and the journey he has been on to truly connect with God and understand his faith.  

Matt Linden

Matt Linden is a gay Christian from Tacoma, Washington. He’s a church kid who grew up in a conservative non-denominational environment – so when he realized he was gay at 13, a 21-year battle began to reconcile his faith with his sexuality. He was a member and Community Group leader at Mars Hill Church in Seattle from 2008-2014, and after finally coming out in 2019 at age 34, he resolved to tell his story. On his blog, The Crossing (, Matt tells the story of his religious trauma in memoir format. His hope is to help himself heal and sort out his own theology, as well as let others know they are not alone in the struggle to follow Jesus as LGBTQ Christians.

To connect with Matt, 

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I encourage you to read his blog.  It will be informative for some and healing for others. 

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