Hi! Welcome to the show.

Coffee with Keith: Help the Christian Misfit

I am Dr. J. Keith Brown (Keith) and I want to personally invite you to have a seat at my table and join in the conversation as we talk about real life issues. We will talk about the good and the bad. We will talk about how to brush ourselves off after pain and loss. We will also talk about what’s possible, and how to not only survive…but thrive in the days, months, and years to come.

Yes…IF you don’t already know, I am a Christian. I am a loving, grace-centered, open-minded, educated, Christian. Yes, I will mention God in the podcast. That’s part of who I am and what I bring to the world.


I can assure you that this podcast will help those that are spiritual and those that aren’t. I will give you as much practical advice, insight, testimony, and encouragement as I possibly can. I truly want to help.

About me:

I am a native Carolina “beachboy,” (and yes, I know boy is a stretch)  Speaker, Teacher, Podcaster, Content Creator, Theologian/Apologist, Author, Entertainer, Businessman, photographer, husband, and father. With over 30 years experience speaking and/or entertaining and over 40 years working in the business/education worlds (being self-employed as well), I have learned through my successes and my failures.  After all, I truly earned all these grey hairs. These lessons, as well as my formal education and creativity, are the fuel for my work.

So…grab a beverage, have a seat, and let’s have a chat.

This is “Coffee with Keith.”