Rainbow Journey Academy

Raised in the Evangelical Church as a LGBTQ+ Christian and experienced the pains of religious abuse and now deal with the trauma it created?

Me too.

Now, the question is: are you ready to stop making excuses and start your healing journey all for the cost of a fancy coffee each week?

If so...

This Academy is perfect for you!

Already know you want in?


Building authentic faith from the ground up is the BEST possible way to get traction in your healing as a Queer Christian!

In this very affordable membership club you will gather with me and others as we lock arms and work toward more and more healing of our religious/church trauma and in the serious construction of authentic, personal, and affirming faith.

What kind of things are we gonna tackle? (limited list)

  • The difference between abuse and trauma
  • Theological tenants of traditional Christendom and how we feel about them
  • Coming to terms with our relationship with God
  • What about the Bible?
  • How to practice faith
  • What about spiritual disciplines?
  • Dealing with Parents
  • ...and a lot more!

Just to be clear...we will be tackling Theology and Biblical ideas within this club. As one goes through religious trauma, it become crucial that one analyze (deconstruct) one's faith and then choose to either leave the faith or construct genuine and meaningful faith. Although I will not demand, push, or pull...I will be completely honest in that I will teach and encourage you to construct your personal, genuine, faith that you can love, live, and take comfort in. Regardless of your personal choice, you are welcome.

Join Here.

We are in this together!

"Okay, Keith...sounds interesting. So...what's included in this membership club?"

Glad you asked...

Here you go:

  • Live Teaching/Coaching and Group Discussion via Zoom (1st Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm EST-The recording will be posted to the FB group in case you can't make it.) which includes Theology and Bible Interpretation so that you can build your faith pillars.
  • Archived Video sessions for you to access at any time within the group
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for members only so you can receive peer support and experience true belonging
  • Q&A Sessions as needed so you can get those needed answers (I keep an eye out for any questions and try to respond via post, comment, or even video response.)
  • Voluntary Book Club related to the Trauma and/or Theology so we can include the wisdom of other teachers (If you choose to participate, the group will select a book at the beginning of each month. We will have a discussion event, normally, the last Thursday evening of each month at 7:30 pm to discuss the book only.)
  • Passage Practice: Each week you will receive at least one focus Scripture to practice your "Tornado Method" (Lesson available within Academy) skills on for that week. Feel free to share thoughts, questions, and observations about the text throughout that week for feedback.
  • Pre-Release videos from the "Coffee with Keith" Podcast
  • Help from a man who has lived the walk, done the work, and is still Christian because education and experience do matter

"That's a lot, Keith."

I know! But my heart and mission is to help hurting folks lead thriving lives. You absolutely WILL get more from this group than you pay in cost.

So how much would you expect to pay for something like this? Well, it's not what one might expect...

You are going to get all of this for only $20* (plus sales tax when applicable.)

Yes, I know...

I could charge more as most other coaches do. But I always want to make my work as assessable as I possibly can because I want to help as many folks as God allows.

*Cost subject to increase without notice.

Join Here.

What results are you going to get?

You are going to get a ton but some will include:

  • A reduction of trauma energy in your life
  • Better understanding of the abuse you have experienced from family, friends, and the church
  • Support as you journey forward
  • Better understanding and grounding in your own personal and authentic faith
  • Better ability to forgive for healing
  • ...and a whole lot more!

Sound good?

Then come join us and give it a try!

To join, simply visit Here.

(You will be redirected to Patreon to join the membership. Remember that you can cancel anytime so there is no long-term commitment. But I think you will want to stick around.)

Once you join and I am notified, I will send you a personal invitation to join the Private Facebook group. Once I accept you there, you are in and the work begins. You will get immediate access to the group and will only be charged at the beginning of the following month. Please make sure you provide your same email address to the request to join so we can match you.

*Please note that anyone who cancels their membership will be removed from the group as soon as I am notified of that. You can always start the membership again if there is an open spot. Please note that doing so will require you pay at that current membership price.