Silver Rainbow Society

Are you feeling isolated? Are you hurting and need support and help? If so...

This is where all the cool kids hang. No, just kidding...sortal. Actually, this is a safe, supportive, and affordable community of belonging and learning. In this group, you will be able to ask questions, give your opinions on issues, and simply encourage and be encouraged.


I spent a lot of my life alone and hurting, thinking there was none like me. I had to do most of my work and healing alone, partly due to my vocation within the Evangelical church. But, I still did the work. It took a lot of study, research, and trying different tools and modalities to move me forward in my life.


I can honestly say...

I have turned my hurting into healing and my healing into happiness.

I have been around the digital and coaching world long enough to know that a membership like this would easily coast $100 or so...

But not this one...

Why so cheap? Good question...

I wanted to offer something that virtually anyone could afford without much thought; after all, this is not even as much as a combo meal at a fast food joint. So, the price should not be a barrier to entry. Secondly, with such an affordable price, I feel the chances of you staying and participating increases. This is good for you and us. Lastly, the price will prevent me from being too overactive within the group (which I tend to do from a heart of service), thus guarding my time. Yes, I will personally be in it and will be sharing input, but I obviously won't be investing as much of my personal time as I would be in one of my more costly services. That sounds reasonable, right? But, rest assured...I will be in as much as I can. That, I promise.

Let's talk simple rules (These are pretty normal and reasonable.):

  • Privacy is critical (Remember that some within this group will still be closeted.)
  • Respect and Kindness is expected always (Report any bullying or abuse. Doing so could result in you being terminated from group without refund.)
  • This is a supportive community...not a pick-up spot. (Not a sex membership!)
  • No spamming, links, or driving members to other groups or products. Links to useful articles, etc. are fine. (Basically...just use your manners and have a little respect for my work and time building this.)

Failure to accept and follow these simple rules may result in cancelled membership and deletion from the membership without refund. (You will not be charged future payments if this were to happen.).

Okay...So what do you get for this "MASSIVE" investment. ???? Well, as of now (and this could increase over time), you will get:

  • Private online community to post and share (This isn't Facebook.)
  • At least one video teaching per month by myself or another expert related to issues that we silver rainbows face. This might be an exclusive video recording of the "Coffee with Keith" podcast.
  • Occasional live Zooms where we will hangout, discuss some issues, and even offer some answers to questions. (These will be recorded and posted to private group.)
  • Resource library with videos, .pdfs, etc. to utilize as a member (This library will grow over time.)
  • Front of the line for any of my coaching services if desired

So...are you ready to sacrifice the huge investment of $9.97 to grab your spot?

Click here to give me $9.97 and join!

Or choose the yearly plan for just $97!!!