The Simple Things

This past weekend my wife, Candace, decided she wanted us to drive up to the nearby mountains so we could put our feet in the rocky river, just unwind a bit, and spend quality time together. I was all for it. In fact, we wound up in a little village called, Chimney Rock, NC. Now, if you haven't ever been there, its a small little village style town at the base of a mountain that houses the Chimney Rock Park. If you assume that it has an outgrowth that resembles a chimney, you would be correct. The town itself is small with store after store lining the two-lane road for a couple of miles or so. My favorite part of the village is the river walk. There you can cross some cool bridges and actually get down into the river at several locations. The only issue for some is that several areas require some careful meandering across boulders. This is of course easy for those of young limbs and balance but for those of a little more wear and tear, well...let's just say we have to be a little more careful. After all, who wants a broken hip?

It was on our return trip from the water and back to the street when this thing I want to tell you about happened. We had just arrived at the most difficult spot when I noticed a young girl hopping down the elevated bridge, across the boulders, and onto the flatter area where my wife and I stood. What I also quickly noticed was that her mother, a lady of about my age, was staring at the boulders, obviously thinking about her decent and the best way to tackle it. I immediately left my wife's side, walked over to her and extended one of my hands for her comfort and stability. This little act gave her the comfort of descending and moving on in her journey.

Now, I didn't tell you this to brag. In fact, just a few months ago, during the fear of COVID, I probably would not have done this. Sadly, that virus changed a lot of things. But, it was instinctual for me to offer her my hand to assist. I understand that there are those ladies who might be offended by such, thinking I was placing them on some lower level. I can assure I wasn't. In fact, I sort of wish someone was there for me when I went down. As long as they would have been strong enough to help me, I would not have cared if it were a seven-year-old girl. 🙂

I will say that the lady was very appreciative and even told my wife how thankful she was.

My point in telling this story is again, not to brag on myself. There's nothing there to brag about in doing this.

The reason I wanted to share this story was to simply remind you that sometimes, it's the little kind things that can make a difference in someone's life and even more them forward into their success and joy. kind. Be giving. Let your light shine.



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