Are you an OLDER LGBTQ+ Christian and been burned by those within the church because of it? Are you ready to love yourself more, learn how to let the hurtful crap go, and live your best life possible? If so...I'm your guy.

I'm Keith, AKA-"The Bi Guy," and my mission is to help you, the OLDER LGBTQ+ person, like me, heal your church trauma, create healthy, happy relationships, and construct authentic, affirming faith if you desire it. I back that mission with over 30+ years of experience, education and knowledge plus a lifetime of living it our personally.

Let me be a little blunt if I may. You can continue to wallow in your hurts and stay stuck in your trauma or, you can allow me to help guide you toward your healing and happiness. This is who I am and what I do.

The lifetime of healing starts with the first step.

Coaching with Dr. Brown has been an amazing experience. He is a man of God that deeply cares for the LGBTQ+

Matt W.

We will work together to get you the healing you desire, the self-esteem you need, and the hope you deserve.

"Okay, Keith, I'm hurting. How can you help me do this?"

Here are the ways I provide you help...

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Entertaining, Fun, and Life Changing!

I have been tremendously blessed to have had the encouragement, teachings, and kindness of Dr. Brown in my life. He is kindness and wisdom personified. The world is a little better because he is in it."

Carrie S.

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